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26 March 2012

We’ve all heard her in the ring but now Lilian Garcia is offering her fans the opportunity to sing with free VIP passes for her concert at the Gibson Miami Showroom in Miami, Florida this Wednesday, 28th March. The event starts at 7pm and you must be 18 or over to attend, but all you have to do is go to Ticket Turtle and you can claim up to 6 tickets for this unique event.

And we know one person who won’t be attending the Lilian Garcia concert this week, and that is fellow WWE announcer Tony Chimel who ridiculed Garcia when she mistakenly introduced Ryder as “Long Island Iced Z, Jack Swagger.” During the SmackDown taping this week. John Cena got in on the act by telling a bemused live audience “She looks absolutely beautiful, but doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing!”

It also looks like rumours of Mick Foley returning to the WWE sooner rather than later may also be true. Though he is scheduled for the Raw SuperShow on April 9th, Foley hasn’t been seen on WWE since the Royal Rumble. However Foley himself has tweeted to fans that SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long, has been leaving him voicemails.

“Guess it’s about time I listen to some of these voice-mails from Teddy Long. Wonder what he wants. Catch you all tomorrow”. However things took another turn just minutes later when he followed up with another tweet “No big deal. Teddy was just hoping I had Buff Bagwell’s number – apparently, it’s pretty important.”

R.I.P Jumbo Tsuruta

26 March 2012

Yesterday would have been the 61st birthday of one of the leading names in Japanese professional wresting, Tomomi Tsuruta. Better known for his stage name, Jumbo Tsuruta.

Tomomi was the first ever AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion and collected titles including the PWF Heavyweight Championship, NWA United National Championship, and NWA International Heavyweight Championship, during his outstanding career.

Tomomi died in as a result of complications the National Hospital in the Philippines on Saturday May 13, 2000 as a result of complications after a kidney transplant. He was 49 years old.

John Cena Joins in the Fight Against Drugs

26 March 2012

WWE contender, John Cena, has been doing his bit for drug free wrestling this week by tweeting a photo of himself carrying out his mandated drugs test yesterday in anticipation of his bout next week.

In a tweet to ESPN he wrote ‘Hey @espn @SportsCenter drug test 7days from the dance. Looks like Aegis also wants to see a clean fight.”

Cena posted a picture of himself holding his sample ready for testing and then replied to a fan that he is ‘drug free 4 life’ and supports the WWE commitment to ‘the health of superstars’ including the hash tag #drugfree4life.

We're Not Losing Triple H or The Undertaker

26 March 2012

Wrestlemania is going to see one of the biggest showdowns in WWE history when The Undertaker takes on Triple H, but wrestling giant, Kevin Nash, doesn’t think this means we will see the last of either of them.

Nash himself made his own return to the ring for the Royal Rumble in 2011 as Diesel to tremendous support from his fans and subsequently stopped CM Punk lifting the WWE title at SummerSlam later in the year which resulted in weeks of feud on Raw when his focus turned to Triple H instead.

Close pal of both contenders, Nash thinks that by adding Shawn Michaels and the cell to the battle to be held in Miami in just a few weeks, this battle is going to supersede even the epic clash of these two titans in 2011.

Paul Levesque, aka Triple H is now a huge presence behind the scenes in WWE and Nash thinks this is going to put added pressure on him as a contender. He says of the two fighters ‘Mark's beat up, like we all are. I know Paul's beat up. His job is behind the scenes and in the office… it's added responsibility and I think that puts a ton of pressure on him’

But Nash goes on to say that he believes either contender could win this bout with both contestants ready to pull one out of the hat for such a colossal event. But he thinks even a loss won’t see us loosing one of the best all time wrestlers on the circuit. He states, " personally I don't think it will be the last time we see either one of those guys" and we are really hoping he’s right.

Of his own position Nash is realistic. ‘My job's not to be a world champion. I can't go out there and work 300 days a year … I'm a realist. I know my days are numbered in this business, but I think I'll always be a part of it. There's nothing that defines me more than professional wrestling. I still love it."

And with a WWE legends contract and even the chance of one more run at the TNA, the star explained ‘I'm not saying I wouldn't go back … If they had something for me and they needed me, I might go back and do it. Right now I'm starting to get bored!"

TNA Anniversary Location Announced

26 March 2012

After much deliberation, it turns out that the TNA 10th Anniversary celebrations are going to take place in Dallas this June, which is not so surprising when you find out that it is the hometown of the now president of the TNA, Dixie Carter.

This event is going to see fans from across the globe including the UK coming together to celebrate this huge milestone in impact wrestling history with some of the hottest names in wrestling from the past and the present invited to attend and join in with the celebrations.

Slammiversary, as the event is called, will be hosted by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in Arlington, Texas in June this year to mark 10 years since the first TNA event on 19th June 2002. It is likely some of the biggest names from PPV and professional wrestling including Hulk Hogan, Sting and Bobby Roode are likely to attend with invites also sent to James Storm and Jeff Hardy who are also said to have accepted.

It is said that the celebrations will be better than ever and the President herself obviously agrees stating ‘I can't wait to bring this big celebration to my hometown area. Slammiversary won't disappoint.’

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